What is a Good LSAT Score you should Strive to Achieve?

Law School Admission Test (1/365) Your LSAT (Law School Admission Test) score is a very important part of pursuing your dream of becoming a lawyer. This half-day standardized school admission test is the first step towards making your dream become a reality. It is an integral part of the beginning of your career. The score you earn is a significant factor for law school admission and placement.

Factoring in Personal Admission Goals

You may be wondering what your personal admission goals have to do with determining what a good LSAT score is. What may be a good score for you may not be good enough for someone else and vice versa. Therefore, you must determine what your admission goals are so that you can factor this into what number you would like to strive for.

Are you the type of person who will be happy to be accepted into any school, or is it your goal to attend one of the top 5 law schools? Each university has its own academic requirements that prospective law school candidates must complete before being considered. Therefore, each college has its own LSAT score requirements. This is something to consider when you are trying to decide on the best score for you. You should also look into offers from http://www.getprepped.com/ for best lsat prep courses.

Is it your intention on getting a full first-year scholarship? Typically, the results of this test are only considered for first-year law students. After the first year, your GPA will likely have more impact on their decision to give you financial aid. However, keep in mind that first year scholarships are often renewed for the following years. You will need to learn what the prerequisite testing results are for the particular school you are interested in attending.

A Good Video Describing Why You Should Want a Good Score

Scoring and the Calculation Process

Scores range from 120 to 180 with a median score of 150. A score above 160 will likely put you in the top 20% of all test takers. The score is based on how many questions you have answered correctly (raw score) and is converted to a special scale. It does not deduct for incorrect answers. This conversion is done through a statistical procedure called equating. This method will adjust for any minor differences in difficulty between the different test forms given on other dates.

You will also be given a percentile rank that reflects the percentage of candidates that score below your test results. This is based on the distribution of the LSAT score archive for the past three years. In a sense, you are competing against a large number of candidates who have scored higher than you.


One of the most frequently asked questions of prospective law students is, “What is a good LSAT score?” Obviously, this will depend on a number of factors including where you want to go to school and if you intend on applying for a scholarship. However, it appears that you will want to try to get at least 150.

Remember, the school you wish to attend will have its own requirements. Compare the LSAT requirements of a variety of schools by going to their websites. Which score do you consider to be good for you and how hard are you willing to work to get that score? Make a goal for your LSAT score and strive to achieve it. This is only the beginning of your journey of fulfilling your dream of becoming a lawyer. Good luck!

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